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Changing lives at fifty plus is not an easy option. So when Ken and Sue, an English couple, fell in love with Alombada, a small rural working village at the top of a mountain in the Beiras region of Portugal, a few days into their first holiday together, they took a decision which completely altered their lives. Over the two to three years it took to buy a field of brambles and build a home and holiday apartments they kept a diary. The fun really started once they realised they would never require the Portuguese word for “bored.”

From the start Ken and Sue faced setbacks at every stage, often appearing impossible, but they were made of sterner stuff and refused to give up, enjoying their new lives together and integrating fully into a community which hasn’t changed for generations.

Their refreshing and sometimes unconventional way of dealing with an intransigent, bureaucratic system is entertaining, exasperating and thoroughly enjoyable.  

A heart-warming and moving tale, with characters and locations brought vividly to life, which shows you can really make your dreams a reality as long as you have a passion for adventure (and eucalyptus flavoured honey!).

… Sue, heaving a great sigh, started to walk away with tears in her eyes.
I caught up with her, put my arms round her shoulders, looked her in the eyes and asked earnestly:
“How much do you really want to live here?”
“Okay then, let’s go and see what can be done.”

… Just before noon, I glanced out of the window. Natalio was walking past pushing a wheelbarrow, which had the four legs of a porker sticking up in the air.
“I’ve just seen Tuesday’s lunch going by,” I called out. 
“That’s what I call fresh.”

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